Friday, June 13, 2008

How to Place an Order

How to Order:

Please email me the items you would like to purchase along with your address. I will reply, answer questions, ect.

I accept payment from:


Revolution Money Exchange

Check (I would prefer to let it clear at the bank before sending product)

Cash (If you live on the Kitsap Peninsula I would be happy to discuss meeting you to deliver your order)

I will charge what the post office charges for the standard, cheapest rate. (to the best of my home calculations)   Shipping is by weight and size and is the same across the country under 1 lb weight (who knew?).  I will give you the shipping costs when you order, or feel free to ask for an estimate!  

1.5 oz; $1.34 (equal to 1 lip balm)
3 oz; $1.47 (equal to 2 lip balms)
4 oz;  $1.64
5 oz; $1.81 (equal to 1 bar soap)
6 oz; $1.98 (equal to 1 lotion)
7 oz; 2.15
8 oz; 2.32
9 oz; 2.49
10 oz; $2.23 (equal to 2 bars soap/ or 1 lotion and 3 lip balms)
11 oz; $2.83
12 oz; $3.00
13 oz; $3.10
14 oz; $4.55 (equal to 1 scrub)
15 oz; $4.55
16 oz; $4.55
19 oz; $6.67 (equal to 1 scrub, 1 lotion, 1 soap and 1 lip balm)

Flat Rate Priority Mail Shipping; (I have just ordered these boxes and will report back as to how much they fit in about a week) Shipping is 2-3 days!

Flat Cardboard Envelope $4.80
Flat Box $9.80
Big Square Box $12.95

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