Saturday, November 29, 2008

Soap Bits are here!

As a request from a wonderful reader, I have created some awesome Soap Bits.  They have made my life so much easier.  No longer do I make a huge ordeal preparing a solution for each batch of baby wipes I prepare. 

Soap Solution bits are used with cloth diaper wipes for bottoms, faces, hands and anything you want fresh and clean.

I have made these in Satsuma fragrance and love it!  I will try other fragrances down the road.

Directions; drop one Bit in a cup of hot or boiling water till dissolved.  Let cool some and transfer to whatever container you prefer.  I pour mine over a pile of clean cloth wipes in my wipes warmer.  Many moms prefer a spray bottle or dropper bottle.

Each bag contains 12 bits appx 1cm by 1cm.

Ingredients; glycerine soap base, fragrance oil

Cost $2.00
Shipping $1

(if more items are purchased together, total shipping costs will be estimated by me by weight)

Friday, November 21, 2008

Rubber Ducky

These rubber ducky soaps were so fun to make!!  The pictures do not do them justice, how hard it is to properly photograph a clear image!  Of course, they are not perfectly clear, but you see that.  

I think they appeal to children as well as adults.  I made them in one of my favorite scents, satsuma.  Not too sweet, not to citrusy.  My laundry room smells like heaven right now (and this is what I envision heaven to smell like!).

Each Ducky comes wrapped in plastic to protect the fragile glycerine soap.  Each one is hand cut by myself, so perfect squares they are not!  There also may be a few bubbles or minor imperfections in these as well, hand poured glycerine soaps are just that way.  The rubber ducky inside is about 1.5 inches by 1 inch, he will be fun to play with after the soap is all gone!

Ducky Soap $4
appx 4 oz each
Contains; Glycerine Soap, Rubber Ducky, Satsuma fragrance oil